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Application Development and Management


UST Global delivers sustainable value through innovative software solutions that are capable of consistent performance and rapid adaptation–with minimal interruptions in current processes. We help enterprises expand their businesses by developing and implementing solutions that are capable of performing across multiple platforms and infrastructures. Cost-effectiveness and mission-critical capabilities are at the focus of our development and maintenance strategy.

We adopt industry-standard best practices for software development. The hallmarks of our services are: a streamlined, proactive approach for sustained value; cost-effective, mission-critical solutions; performance that spans multiple platforms; and seamless transitions for adapting to changing business demands.


We have developed internal frameworks in each major application development language, and have evolved solutions that are tightly integrated with development environments to facilitate rapid development of functional units within these frameworks. This approach enables us to deliver results within planned timeframes and budgets, and to demonstrate immediate testable results.

We adopt model-driven architecture (MDA) techniques to generate a large portion of the application software. MDA techniques allow rapid integration of changing requirements into the software development cycle, thereby providing significant competitive advantage. In addition, our application development teams are encouraged to constantly contribute to our innovation lab (Eureka). This helps to improve their command of the technology as well as their grasp of best practice information from each technology area.

Why UST Global for Application Development and Management

  • Software development framework helps to ensure maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness.

  • Rapid development through maximum automation of processes.

  • High quality deliverables with increased portability.

  • Streamlined, proactive approach delivers sustained value.

  • Mission-critical solutions that span multiple platforms and can adapt to changes.