Global Development Center


The UST Global Development Center model combines global delivery capabilities with onsite resources working directly with your staff. This enables us to acquire a complete requirements understanding, then direct work to the appropriate distributed team members. Through this model, you gain access to dedicated and shared resource pools focused on quality results.

Global Development Center services establish a resource allocation process with regard to the appropriate business unit, project and skill traceability. We have successfully deployed this model to deliver a host of services to many of our Fortune 500 clients.


The UST Global Development Center model operates on “Service Pods” that provide different options depending on type of engagement and other variables.

  • Engagement Framework: The flexibility to assign work based on various engagement models, such as managed capacity, managed services, or project-based.

  • Team Structure: The reference team structure based on service area best practices; dedicated roles by service area enable bundled or shared services, reducing potential duplication of resources dedicated to single business units.

  • Service Portfolio: The competency framework, tools, accelerators and technical repositories that deliver a specific service. Services lines can be logically or physically separated to enable geographic dispersion of resources and benefits.

  • Management and Reporting: The associated metrics and service level measurements specific to an engagement and service area.

Why UST Global Development Center

Key benefits of the Global Development Center include:

  • Flexibility to adjust resources for multiple engagement models.

  • Dedicated, customized and secure development center.

  • Resources can be aligned by service area, application, type of technology, business unit, or business function.

  • Specific knowledge management and retention practices help assure service levels are met.

  • Long-term commitment from focused management team dedicated to innovation and success.