Information Technology Management


Our Information Technology Management services spring from dedicated Centers of Excellence (CoE) that drive best-in-class competencies throughout our organization. Each CoE monitors and studies technology trends, delivery methods and service results, enabling us to always be fine tuning our knowledge, skills, and standards for project execution and training.
Centers of Excellence are managed by senior executives and architects with industry-leading expertise in the most demanding computing environments in the world. They focus on specific disciplines or technology domains, such as Microsoft® .NET, Java™/J2EE™, Business Intelligence, and Software Quality Assurance.
Each CoE is complemented by strategic partnerships, giving our developers advance access to valuable technology and educational resources, and enabling them to develop the most cost-effective, value-added solutions for our clients.


Centers of Excellence deliver pragmatic Information Technology Management services and solutions enabling our clients to achieve critical business objectives. There are CoE streams for Technology, Business Domains, Enterprise Applications and Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing, each focusing on projects pertaining to their respective influence groups.

The Technology Center of Excellence is based on practiced technology; the services of this CoE branch include all aspects of planning, building, managing, and transforming systems, using tried and proven means like Hybrid Delivery Models and our own proprietary methodologies. For example, our Mainframe Technology capability is backed by a highly capable resource pool of more than 3000 professionals experienced in supporting systems on legacy platforms.

With our Java Technology capability, we have more than 1000 professionals with deep technology expertise and the ability to meet the unique needs of each phase of each application lifecycle. We deliver extensible and agile applications by using frameworks, blueprints, patterns, and industry standards. Expertise ranges from development of workflow-based and custom applications to service oriented integration, and is complemented by strategic partnerships when called for by the Java engagement.

Our Domain Center of Excellence supports projects in specific business domains. We have CoE alignments with a number of organizational business verticals, including Retail, Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, and Media/Entertainment.

The Enterprise Applications Center of Excellence focuses on implementing, maintaining and/or customizing enterprise level applications, such as SAP, Oracle Apps, and JDE. This CoE develops and manages all of our enterprise service offerings, including optimizing the use of all products in this area and implementing them in a cost-effective manner. Their efforts result in our ability to deliver and support end-to-end solutions that contribute to our clients’ success through accelerated ROI and reduced TCO.

Finally, the Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing Center of Excellence offers solutions that provide decision-makers with fast and easy access to operational data. Business Intelligence services focus on analyzing an organization’s information assets and creating reports and analytics that aid in the decision-making process. Data Warehouse services focus on the efficient implementation and support of an organization’s database platforms; we also develop, maintain, and support legacy databases.

Why UST Global for Information Technology Management

  • Superior and optimal IT services combining process, methodology, management and technology – all of the elements needed to create best-in-class solutions.

  • Complete compliance to functional and non-functional requirements.

  • Realistic expectations set and met on deliverables and timelines.

  • Metrics driven project tracking and project management

  • Competent and highly-trained project teams dedicated to your success.

  • Quality products and services backed by expertise in:
  • Java

  • Microsoft

  • Legacy Technologies

  • Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

  • Embedded Technologies

  • ERP and CRM

  • Enterprise & Application Architecture

  • IT Governance & Project Management

  • Infrastructure Management

  • Software Quality Requirements & Testing