Managed Services - Discovery & Roadmap


Over multiple engagements, the Managed Services team at UST Global has developed a practitioners approach to due diligence and packaged it into our Discovery and Roadmap services. We target early non-intrusive discovery of the key characteristics of each application and then determine outsourcing requirements for the portfolio.

Called IKAPSSER, this process enables the gathering of information which is then put through a structured analysis, in consultation with the client. We arrive at key outsourcing indices that drive recommendations for a future operating model and approach to transition. Based on desired end results and the characteristics of the application portfolio, we work closely with the client to decide on a transition strategy; this strategy becomes the basis for building a detailed transition plan.


IKAPSSER is a questionnaire based on a due diligence approach that is used to quickly gather an initial set of data about the application portfolio and operations from key stakeholders in the client organization (both IT and Business). Due diligence provides an early perspective on and helps to define the requirements for a seamless portfolio transition.

UST Global has a Managed Services practice which houses a specialized team of experienced transition managers, solely focused on managing transition of such engagements. These subject matter experts can analyze the early data generated, described above, to provide a practical perspective on transitioning your full portfolio of applications.

Why UST Global for Discovery and Roadmap

  • Detailed analysis of the current state using data captured from eight sources:

    Infrastructure, Knowledge Stores, Application, Process, Services, Service Levels, Effort and Resource skills (via IKAPSSER).

  • Data captured can be used to evaluate each application on 18 different parameters.

  • Five composite indices generated around outsourcing readiness, complexity, global delivery, transition complexity, and productivity improvement.

  • Drive outsourcing decisions through objective recommendations on the full portfolio transition.

  • Customized questionnaires help understand current pain points, gaps and future needs.

  • Develop a risk profile for the transition at a very early stage in the engagement.

  • Milestones with defined objectives, outcomes, roles and responsibilities keep outsourcing recommendations and transition approach on track and focused on delivery.