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Banking & Financial Services

Modernization 360 – Streamline and Continuously Innovate

Banks and other financial services companies face a distinctive challenge – the need to rebuild consumer trust while moving fast to introduce innovative ways for people to access and invest their money.  There’s no shortage of modernization needs – Dodd-Frank, RESPA, Basel III and continually evolving credit and debit card rules require banks to invest in new data mining, account aggregation, risk management and reporting technology.


In addition, you must give consumers and merchants the mobile and social solutions they demand – and delight them with applications they haven’t yet dreamed of – while maintaining airtight privacy, security and fraud prevention.


To gain advantage, financial services organizations must create an infrastructure that sustains innovation – to create new payment solutions, to add more value to commercial and merchant relationships, and to use payment operations to support other products and services with identifiable revenue streams to maximize ROI on existing payment assets.  All of this must be accomplished with speed to market as the primary indicator of success.


Opportunity Outlook

  • Turning your customer data from a cost into a valuable asset – beyond the maintenance costs of protecting consumer data lies a wealth of customer and industry intelligence just waiting to be harnessed into new revenue and service opportunities.  


  • Intelligent use of mobile technology – employing an overarching, customer-centric strategy for mobile banking, mobile payments and mobile stock trading that offers a consistently engaging user experience that is secure and compliant across all devices and platforms. 
  • Modernization of payment system operations – commercial, retail and cards – to accommodate new delivery models, to collaborate with card companies and telecom firms to enable mobile payments, and to be able to innovate and bring new payment instruments and services to market with speed and agility. 


  • Delivering on hyper-dynamic requirements of the industry requires balanced processes that embrace agility yet conform to regulatory requirements.

“Market dominance requires a combination of disruptive innovation and streamlined business process management.”