Interview with Alvaro Marañon Von Klobnoch, founder and CEO of AA&Partners and IDEA Formacion

Alvaro Marañon Von Klobnoch, founder and CEO of AA&Partners and IDEA Formacion.

In a further report from our team in Spain, they continue to meet with important personalities in both the public and private sectors. They recently met with Alvaro Marañon Von Klobnoch, founder and CEO of AA&Partners and IDEA Formacion. Our team asked him what he thought about UST Global entering the Spain market. He replied that both the private and the public sector are very open to great social commitment and IT know how.


Alvaro Marañon Von Klobnoch is the great grandson of Gregorio Marañón, an important personality in Spanish history with streets and plazas that bear his name in cities across Spain. One of the largest public hospitals in Madrid, Foundations, and public buildings are also named after his family. The Marañón family is part of European nobility, related to the Spanish Royal family.




Interview with Jose Aguilaniedo, Managing Director of UST Global in Spain

Jose Aguilaniedo is the Managing Director of UST Global in Spain.

Listen as he talks about the three things he see as differentiators for UST Global: our passion to achieve things, the way we work together to shorten the time to get results, and the deep knowledge of business that our Advisory Board members bring to UST Global.


Jose brings expertise in the Industry, IT, Consulting, Oil, Textile, and Waste Recycling sectors, as well as networking within Spanish Public Administration (Regional, Local, Tax Authorities, Public Financial Institutes, and Technological Parks). Since 1990, he has been developing professional skills within IT Corporations: HP/EDS, CGI, CAP GEMINI and TESTHOUSE as Managing Director, COO, CFO and HH.RR. Manager.




Governor of Kerala visits Trivandrum Center

The Governor of Kerala, Shri. Nikhil Kumar, visited our Trivandrum Center on May 13th.

He was given a warm welcome by our leaders Alexander Varghese, Chief Administrative Officer; Hema Menon, Trivandrum Center Head; Nandagopal R Nair, Director of Operations; Harish Parmewaran, Director of HR; Subhash Parameswaran, Director of IT, and Harikrishnan Mohankumar Jayasree, Head REFM (APAC).


The team engaged in a productive discussion on the government's plans for transportation infrastructure and the importance of physical security. The current challenges faced by IT companies were also brought up during discussions. The Governor was taken for a bay walk through our facility, where he interacted with some of our account managers. Overall the visit went well and he expressed his appreciation for the time and effort of the leaders and team in making the visit a pleasurable experience.




Indian Poet and Activist Sugathakumari


“…when UST Global has stepped in with their helping hand. We are indeed grateful, we feel that there is people to support us. Every month they come here, they play with the children, they give them food. The most important thing that they give is their affection. Life is like a lamp, from one lamp you can light hundreds of lamps….and when UST Global does something like this, they are lighting not only one lamp but they are kindling a lot of lights in hundreds of hearts.”

- Sugathakumari