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ColorsSM is a volunteer employee program that engages UST Global associates across the globe. A hallmark of innovation and creativity, ColorsSM encourages team building and collaboration, and provides an opportunity for employees to develop their personalities and leadership skills by pursuing aspirations outside their functional requirements.
With the vision of both giving and achieving, employees tap their potential to contribute to our company and give back to our communities. ColorsSM is the perfect complement to UST Global’s values and culture and embodies our mission of transforming lives.

How the UST Global ColorsSM Program Adds Value to our Clients

The UST Global ColorsSM program is recognized as a truly unique undertaking, allowing us to work together with our clients and business partners to fulfill our mutual corporate values.
UST Global associates need to be passionate about what they do in order to meet our standards for delivery excellence; help clients consistently achieve their most critical business objectives; drive continuous process improvement; and go the extra mile to give Commitment beyond Contract.
The opportunities in our ColorsSM program for our people to continuously expand the depth and quality of their talents and to receive training and mentoring in leadership skills that contribute to personal and organizational growth result in associates who are passionate about their company, their long-term personal contributions,
and the clients they serve.
This has benefitted our clients by creating an environment of innovation and collaboration and has increased customer satisfaction with greater quality and speed in our projects.

How it Works

The program has seven colors, with each Color representing an organizational dimension. Each color sets specific goals each year, quantifying their contributions towards their respective dimension. Rewards and recognition for contributions to ColorsSM are initiated on a regular basis and ratings are determined by the contribution made by each individual.
The combined objective of all ColorsSM incorporates the improvement of integrated processes, the application and development of industry best practices, and increasing domain expertise.
Purple Stands for People Satisfaction
Because the sustainable business success and continued growth of any enterprise requires a highly motivated and inspired work force, Purple’s mission is to improve the work culture and its goal is to help UST Global be selected as the best place to work. The combined effort and concerted action of satisfied, engaged employees contributes to the success of the UST Global organization.
Indigo Represents Industry Expertise
With the motto “Commit to collaborate, Collaborate to succeed” Indigo’s mission is to transform UST Global through Integrated Processes and Collaboration, and its goal is to improve industry practices and domain expertise. To accomplish this, Indigo offers a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program. Indigo is also committed to Process Awareness.
Quartz is a Metaphor for Quality and Speed
Quality, speed, and continuous improvement to enhance both individual and organizational growth are the trademarks of Quartz, and its goal is to reduce the cost of quality. Quartz knows that with quality comes improved customer satisfaction and members routinely share best practices, quality tips, and process flow improvements.
Green stands for Company and Career Growth
Green is on a mission to facilitate growth. This team is deeply passionate about its dual goals of helping grow the UST Global business and the skills of UST Global associates.
Gold Helps with Group Image and Branding
With a mission to promote the UST Global brand within the company, with our clients, and across our communities, its goal is to support sales and close new clients. Gold encourages employees to be a brand ambassador, wherever they are and in everything they do.
Orange is a Catalyst for Organizational Efficiency
On a mission to ensure that UST Global is the most efficient IT services company in the world, Orange’s goal is process improvement. Orange collaborates with other groups and organizes various organizational initiatives to promote these qualities in UST Global employees.

Rose Works toward Relationships with Our Communities, Clients
and Employees and also Cares for the Environment

Representing relationships at the community, client, and employee level, Rose’s mission includes all Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, both social and environmental. Its goals are measured in numbers, such as volunteer hours, dollars donated to charity, and trees planted. Rose encourages UST Global employees to enthusiastically give of their personal time to support secular, non-political community activities focused on health care and education for women and children.