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Enterprise Architecture Assessment


Are you getting the best out of your enterprise architecture? Is it providing you the structure to manage your business in an adaptable and sustainable manner? Do you have guidance to integrate new technologies to maximize your business needs? If you see it like we do, your enterprise architecture can be the means by which your business operates more efficiently and competes more effectively.

Our Enterprise Architecture Assessment services provide you with practicable, hands-on advice for designing enterprise systems that are robust enough for current and future needs. Our services address every area of enterprise architecture – business architecture, information systems architecture, technology architecture – and includes portfolio analysis, technology rationalization, application architecture, data architecture, and legacy modernization. In addition to this, we provide a comprehensive diagnostics of your portfolio or application suite for performance, scalability, reliability, stability, maintainability, extensibility, and more.


Enterprise Architecture Assessment services provide a detailed evaluation of your current application architecture and the technology architecture while reviewing the business purpose, the roadmap, and perceptions from business and information systems groups. We use a standardized approach with industry standard architectural models to objectively determine the state of your enterprise applications.

Our services assess the core architecture elements, reference architecture, and application code, taking both an objective and subjective approach based on our own extensive experience in this area. We make key recommendations with respect to people, processes and technology; used in tandem with business process management, we align technology stack with business direction.

Leveraging a five-step architecture assessment framework, our services methodically assess the current state of the application architecture used to realize your business function and provide realistic recommendations, aligned with insights from your existing enterprise architecture.

Why UST Global for Enterprise Architecture Assessment

  • We use a standardized method that does a comprehensive assessment of your architecture and, based on the findings, we recommend the people for the team, the processes that should be followed, and the technology stack to be most effectively utilized.

  • Our best in class industry enterprise architecture methodologies assess the state of the application by evaluating the business architecture, information systems architecture, application architecture, data architecture, and technology architecture.

  • We measure the maintainability index and other metrics of the codebase to provide insights on how effectively the architecture and designs were realized.

  • We help you structure and establish an enterprise architecture for your organization that is aligned to both business and information systems.

  • To assess and refresh existing technology and legacy systems that are in your application portfolio, we provide recommendations for program plans and initiatives to develop the architecture with performance-engineered systems.

  • We help you quantify cost savings through rationalization and measurable business value produced by IT systems.

  • Realize lower Total Cost of Ownership in technology, enhancements, and project lifecycles.

  • Integrate highly valuable business processes and functions.

  • Eliminate overlapping products and systems performing duplicate services and driving up maintenance costs.