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Social Media Solution


Social Media may be a new frontier to some businesses but it is based on one of the oldest forms of business dynamics: the personal relationships between people – whether customer, supplier, employee, or investor. UST Global’s Social Media Solution gives companies the power to harness these relationships in real time on a highly collaborative live network.

Moving IT into the customer value chain allows you to gather intelligence based on the feedback generated from the constant buzz of social media. We offer a dynamic and agile Social Media Solution, one that gives customers a platform on popular social networks and allows you to respond more directly to their needs with appropriate products and valuable services.

Business-to-consumer or business-to-business, we can help you drive more innovation to market, foster better relationships, integrate with your local communities, control inventory and costs, operate at optimal levels and monitor ROI, protect your brand and improve your bottom line.


Our Social Media Solution is a 100% turnkey community solution, with custom development, content and design, hosting, and support. We offer a complete complement of social publishing features, under popular social networks and/or your own URL, that can be up and running in 60 days or less.

We help develop for you a Social Collaborative Platform that gives you complete community and blogging functionality; this enables you to provide a platform for customers to voice their opinions, feedback and ideas on your products and services. You can also integrate with popular social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Because every company is unique, we offer custom development and will customize the look and feel of each site and community to faithfully convey and protect your brand. We can integrate existing graphical and navigational assets and conventions, technologies, domains, and advertising as needed. We will develop components for you on social networks so that you can provide a seamless experience to your consumers on these networks who know your brand.

Our content development services will tie together blogs, social networks, and other relevant sites where your audience is already engaging. Widgets and applications specific to each social network can be used to build brand identity and also as recruiting vehicles on these sites.

We help to monitor your brand and analyze what is being said about it along with the products and services in your market. We perform sentiment analysis of consumers and the marketplace to give you a sense of their perceptions. We also analyze and trend your visibility online to show whether you are moving up or sliding down. We provide recommendations on what you need to do to address areas of concern with your business and marketing teams.

Implementation, hosting and support are handled almost exclusively by UST Global to minimize the impact on your IT resources. Moderation services are also offered, with service teams providing live chat support and customer care to resolve issues, answer navigation and other support queries, and track suggestions for improvement.

Why UST Global Social Media Solution

  • Leverage social media platforms to engage customers in real time conversations

  • Make the customer experience with the brand more interactive to drive business innovation.

  • Improve customer care and gain intelligence based on real time information.

  • Increase sales and reduce costs by a better understanding of where to focus efforts and a better management of inventory.

  • Establish a live network that fosters collaboration between consumers, suppliers, investors and employees.