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User Experience & Rich Media


Today’s digital consumers are more sophisticated and expect a smooth user experience enhanced by rich media. If you’re launching a new customer system – anything from an entire Website to a new mobile device app – understanding your user base is key to its success. Many questions can and should be asked prior to launching any new digital project.

Our User Experience and Rich Media services team can help you ask the right questions. We engage consumers, business owners, and other prospective users regarding their needs and behaviors. This becomes the foundation for developing a plan. From here, our unique combination of expertise in engineering information architecture, creative design and process centric management will provide you with the total user “walkthrough” experience.

The end result should be a user experience that addresses their needs while building your brand; clear communication and interaction with your customers; and the ability to track consumer behavior and analyze data, including from newer sources such as social media and mobile devices.


Our approach to User Experience and Rich Media design is pretty straightforward: understand the message and to whom it is being delivered.

We start with a user centric approach to every new digital project. But even if a system is already in production, we can retroactively engage users to provide recommendations and improvements. Either way, we start with initial interviews, user prototyping sessions and ideation groups before developing a plan with a clear message and user experience.

We can deliver:

Creative Brief: Document, develop and finalize the “voice” for your system or user application.

Digital Strategy: Develop the processes and methods for rolling out the design, communication and process flow for end users.

Execution/Production: Deliver the code, artwork, copy and processes for launching/supporting the project.

Why UST Global for User Experience and Rich Media

  • Approach every engagement with the end user in mind.

  • Ask questions to help understand and identify users before developing a plan

  • Include core business requirements as an aligning factor to produce valuable solutions

  • Provide solutions that can be measured, tested, and enhanced for continuous improvement.