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Product Engineering Services


UST’s Product Engineering Services is focused on delivering innovative and creative solutions to enable our customer’s success, by accelerating Time to Market, reducing costs or improving productivity by tapping into our Global Engagement Model. 
Our customers include ISVs, Original Device Manufacturers (ODM) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) who consider us as an extension of their own product teams. We provide embedded engineering, enterprise mobility and technology services supporting the entire lifecycle of Independent Software Vendors ( ISVs), Integrated Hardware Vendors (IHV), Original Device Manufacturers (ODM) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

Typical Challenges faced by Product Development Companies are:

  • Inconsistent demand over the duration of a product life cycle
  • Spending time on non-core activities 
  • Reducing time lines or shortening of product life cycle owing to business requirements or Time to Market
  • Selective consumer preferences

All these pose considerable challenges where product companies have to demonstrate agility, while having laser sharp focus on profitability and gain both mindshare and walletshare.

Specific to Semiconductor Industry, UST Global has the following capabilities across the lifecycle


hitech pre-siliconhitech post-siliconhitech firmwarehitech software-oshitech software-applicaion


Our Global Engagement Model is tailored to provide fit for purpose solutions to our customers. 
UST has built a strong team of engineers, SME’s and technologists who are focused on helping build an exciting future, help realize our customer’s vision where embedded engineering and products will be much more pervasive.