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Future Home of UST Global - The New Trivandrum Campus

The UST Global Trivandrum Campus is spread across a total land area of 36 acres. The Campus spans five elegantly laid out buildings - 3 software development blocks, a hospitality block and a sports and cultural complex with multi level car parking. Once complete the total built up area in the Campus would be 3.6 Million Sq. Ft. 
The design principle used here is "fresh air architecture" with centralized cores and open work spaces. The Campus is all set to be one of the first IT Campus in the country to host complete S+CC (Smart and Connected Communities) Services. 
The buildings would have LEED platinum rating certification, making it one of the first Green Buildings in Kerala. The Phase 1 of the Campus with area of 740,862 Sq. Ft. is already in the construction stage.
Phase I Building Highlights
  • 16 levels.
  • Entrance lobby as large as 60,000 Sq. Ft. with a floor height of 9m.
  • Building will have large atrium with 7,500 Sq. Ft. of space. The atrium space will have toughened laminated glass sky roof and landscaped walls. Large floor plates with more than 57,000 Sq. Ft. 
    One floor for Data Centre.
  • To save energy, the structures have Louver system that helps cut off direct glare, reduces the air-conditioning load of the building and also induces bounce lighting into the interior space to enable daylight harvesting.
  • Restaurant capable of accommodating 2,000 people at a time.
  • The building will have an infinity pool and a gymnasium.
  • The building will have a helipad at the 16th level.
  • All buildings will have a beautiful sea-view.
Campus Features
  • Total: 3.6 Million Sq. Ft.
  • 30,000 seats
  • Fresh air architecture
  • LEED's Platinum rating
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) certified buildings
  • Cisco S+CC enabled
  • Large datacenter
UST Global's new Trivandrum Campus would be adopting Smart+Connected Communities Services which has the following features:S+CC Services
  • Energy Management - Office Resource Management.
  • Asset Management.
  • Enhanced Safety & Security - Emergency Response Management.
  • Connected Health Care.
  • Connected Transportation.
  • Connected Education & Entertainment.
  • Personal Virtual Office.
  • Connected Maintenance.
UST Global - It's a Green thing
  • The building conforms to the National Building Code standards.
  • Intelligent Building Management Systems will control energy usage of the building.
  • It is one of the first LEEDS certified GREEN buildings in Kerala.
  • Louver system enables energy saving while the aluminum façade creates a thermal barrier.