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Healthcare and Insurance

Success in today's healthcare market requires sophisticated medical information management systems, focused business intelligence for evolving strategic initiatives, and an agile IT infrastructure that can be leveraged to quickly respond to changing customer demands and to provide affordable healthcare to individuals. 

Increasing levels of service standards, stringent regulatory mandates, mounting competition, security and privacy concerns, and the complexity involved in risk management are some common concerns across the healthcare segment.
UST Global has a range of service offerings to address the specific requirements of managed health care, healthcare payers, providers, and the life science sector-from eligibility, membership, and claims systems to healthcare informatics and medical risk management systems. Visit our services section for more details on our span of expertise.
Addressing the growing IT security concerns of the healthcare industry is at the focus of our services development strategy. UST Global has an exclusive Center of Excellence dedicated to IT security that provides customer specific solutions. Our resources have extensive experience in addressing regulatory compliance issues and are well-versed in various statutory regulations and standards such as HIPAA, NCPDP, and SOX.
To ensure cost effectiveness, we focus on optimizing legacy technology investments for meeting operational goals and achieving measurable business value. Our client-centric Global Engagement Model effects operational excellence while alleviating the pricing pressures that often restrict IT investments.