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Database Administration


The explosive growth of data and its increasing complexity has altered the very definition of an organization’s boundaries. Add in the need to adapt rapidly to new technologies while optimizing costs, and it’s easy to see why the outsourcing of database administration is becoming more and more a strategic necessity.

Administering your databases is more than managing data and lifecycles, it means looking at your organization’s data differently and using it as a catalyst for change. Our Database Administration services can take you from merely handling data, to aggregating and analyzing it to make those first transformative steps – and the ones to follow – enabling true data driven transformation.


Our approach to database administration and data management doesn’t stop with our technological expertise or ability to implement the right tools. We also bring a clear vision, best practices and processes, and people dedicated to data driven transformation and your overall success.
Database Administration services begin by thoroughly analyzing your existing portfolio, evaluating scale and scope to choose an appropriate engagement model, and defining a technology and requirements roadmap that includes business drivers and objectives. We take a holistic look at your data from all physical and logical aspects. This view ensures we apply the best possible methodologies and performance parameters to drive successful outcomes.

Why UST Global for Database Administration

  • Take database administration to next level and achieve data driven change and organizational transformation

  • Standardization establishes a homogeneous service environment with predictable outcomes.

  • Global Delivery model improves productivity and lowers resource costs for non-critical tasks; also frees up staff for strategic initiatives.

  • Improve service lifecycles and data quality.

  • Continuous improvement by leveraging UST Global solutions and partnerships, and our experience with multiple platforms and technologies.