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Managed Innovation


At UST Global, we believe that innovation needs to be ingrained into any company looking to reach higher levels. Every idea should be given a voice, and having the right process in place can bring the best ideas forward. Innovation is great but managed innovation – where you have a platform to test and realize ideas and can track, measure and report outcomes – is better.

Our Managed Innovation services can provide you with this platform. When you are free to explore in this manner, get guidance from other associates, and reach out to analysts and experts to float ideas, you can accelerate ideas into implementation – and realize faster ROI.

Managed Innovation services from UST Global interweave a democratic approach with a lightweight guidance structure where everyone feels free to participate and is driven to think and contribute fresh ideas. We openly cultivate innovation and capture ideas from the most creative minds around by taking a finely measured and managed approach.


We recognize that everyone has talents to contribute to our clients’ success. So we open the doors wide and direct ideas from across the company into a managed environment where we can harness the best innovations and solutions. Through these efforts we have built a highly sustainable innovation ecosystem.
For our clients, we help you do the due diligence for business concepts and/or technology uses. We have a large repository of already created partial solutions, technology proofs, lessons learned, and retrospective analyses available to help accelerate the due diligence process.
We have an extensive library of patterns, partial and full solutions that can help in developing innovation ideas for our clients, be it Proof of Concept or Proof of Technology. We have partnered with a select group of companies that bring in complementary services to help us realize innovation solutions for our clients
UST Global runs three innovation engines: an Idea Generation system to log and track inspiration; an innovation “gym” to experiment and learn without fear of failure; and a collaboration space to discuss, share and blog about technological ideas and issues.
All ideas are catalogued and managed. If it did not get implemented, we help incubate the idea until the business solution can come together or the technology constraint or limitation is resolved.

Why UST Global for Managed Innovation?

  • Establish an onsite innovation team of any size based on your desired coverage
  • Use of campaigns and other innovative methods as catalyst for ideas
  • System deployed to capture ideas and your intellectual property
  • Your workforce is engaged to generate ideas and encouraged to innovate through recognition and reward programs
  • Proof of concept through measurable outcomes that show business and technological value
  • Offshore innovation teams tap ideas from UST Global worldwide and convert them into ROI-based proposals
  • Our award-winning innovation teams have a reputation for delivering real results: increased revenue, lowered costs, and faster speed to market

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