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Manufacturing and Automotive

The global manufacturing industry is highly competitive and characterized by a constant drive toward increasing sales and lowering operational cost. Rapid globalization, M&A activities, changing customer demands, and security concerns place ever increasing pressure on enterprises engaged in the manufacturing sector. Manufacturing enterprises face an on-going challenge in reducing operational overhead and streamlining processes. Identifying and eliminating redundancies, organizational misalignments, and ineffective technology solutions that hinder profit recognition and increase the cost in the customer supply chain are immediate concerns for most manufacturing enterprises.

UST Global offers a portfolio of  services offerings specifically focused to position manufacturing enterprises to meet the challenges of today’s marketplace. Our services address various aspects of the manufacturing segment, including:

  • demand management

  • production planning

  • warehousing and distribution

  • transportation management

  • pricing and promotion

While each engagement is customized to meet the specific requirements of the client, we go beyond contracts to identify and realize opportunities that enhance the overall performance of our client’s business. The return on investment (ROI) our clients experience is realized through measurable improvements in performance, reduced expense, and optimized utilization of technology resources and investments.

Our client-centric  Global Engagement Model, best practice driven methodologies, and strategic technology alliances help our clients deliver their solutions to the market rapidly and with a maximized ROI.