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Media and Entertainment

The rapid emergence of new technologies, changing customer preferences, and the drive to reduce operational costs make the media and entertainment industry highly volatile. With devices and distribution formats changing continually, many media companies have been forced to invest heavily in new applications to support digital distribution, direct to consumer sales channels and back office applications such as rights management. Heavy investment in these new areas has created pressure to reduce typical IT costs such as application operations and maintenance-areas best addressed by UST Global's client-centric Global Engagement Model.

UST Global leverages its vast industry experience, technology partnerships, and proprietary methodologies to provide a diverse range of value-added services offerings to help drive value and reduce cost for our Media clients. We develop and implement sustainable domestic and international applications that span numerous aspects of the media value chain including television, theatrical, broadcast, digital distribution, and home video.
Our comprehensive range of service offerings meet a variety of business requirements such as:

  • business intelligence and decision support

  • ERP and CRM

  • digital asset management and distribution

  • supply chain and inventory management

  • accounts, contracts, and enterprise content management

  • production and release planning