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Our Values
Our values are embraced in the hearts and minds of every UST Global employee who then embodies these values and shares them throughout our company and with our clients. Across UST Global locations worldwide, you will find three core values at work:

We listen, learn, and help selflessly in our interactions with others.

Humility is our personal and corporate commitment to place others before ourselves. We listen, learn, and are empathetic in our interactions with associates, our colleagues, clients, vendors, and the communities we operate in. Because we embrace the belief that everyone must be treated with dignity and respect, humility leads us to form better relationships with oneself and with others. 
"We are all equal; we do different jobs." 
"A competent person always knows what he/she wants. He/she is confident about his/her abilities, beliefs, values and actions, without being arrogant." 
"It is important to be unselfish. People are attracted to unselfish people. Selfish people repel others. We need others to succeed. No one can succeed by himself/herself."


Through business, we foster a strong sense of corporate social responsibility.

UST Global was founded with the intention to be a successful business that serves the greater good in society. Our goal is to contribute positively to the communities that we operate in. Humanity is what connects us to the global human family and contributes to its progress. We believe that it is possible to build a highly successful business that has a noble social impact on society. 
"UST Global will help people less fortunate than ourselves and mentor youngsters, helping them become achievers. We are involved in something higher than ourselves. You should be in UST Global because you want to be a part of a noble mission. If you believe in this aim and you are inspired and motivated by this belief, no one can stop us."


We honor our commitments and act with responsibility in all our relationships.

These values are the building blocks of our vibrant global work culture. (late) G A Menon, the late Founder of our company, was fond of simple, yet powerful quotes that he would often share with associates. We often refer to his quotes as they capture the essence of our values and culture.

We have a fun, open, passionate, and fearless culture where decisions are made collectively. To operate successfully in such a dynamic environment, trust is a key element in everyday interactions. We believe that our business grows only as fast as our trust in one another expands. We do what we say we will do, and when we say, we will do it. 
"Only people who take responsibilities succeed in life." 
"Employers want employees who will find ways to complete their jobs on their own with minimum supervision and guidance." 
"We are committed to utilizing the talents of all our people to the fullest."

Our Culture
Our culture has developed from our core values. It inspires our behavior, relationships, and business decisions. Our culture celebrates achievement and teamwork and promotes the UST Global way of life. 
The UST Global Way of Life
Passion Learning Compassion
Harmony Fun Fearlessness
Flexibility Openness Excellence