UST Global acquires Andare

UST Global acquired Andare LLC in March 2012 to expand its foot print in the mobility space. iDispatch technology allows UST Global to offer clients unmatched enterprise mobile solutions to help enable major productivity gains in field service operations, and to leverage the product platform to launch other enterprise mobile products. Andare’s platform fills the whitespace in enterprise mobility as a technology agnostic integrated front end application. There is no pre-built/pre-packaged enterprise application available on the market today which is “back-end” agnostic.

  • udispatch m569
  • retail inthebox m569
  • isales m569
  • managed innovation m569
  • portfolio analysis m569
  • etl migration m569

UST Global`s product and solution portfolio help our Clients with cost and time to market advantage.

Some of the solutions are as follows:



Built for Field Service Technicians uDispatch provides real time GPS location tracking for optimized dispatch management, emergency routing, content capture, and lost/stolen device location.


Mobile solution for field sales

Portfolio Analysis

We enable you to effectively manage your portfolio through a structured application rationalization process that takes into account costs, different technologies, and other dimensions of the business.

Managed Innovation

Managed Innovation is – where you have a platform to test and realize ideas and can track, measure and report outcomes . UST Global’s innovation services can provide you with this platform.

Retail in a Box

Mobile shopping, social shopping and social commerce are changing the landscape of online business. UST Global offers Retail in a Box services where we implement and manage an online retail store and back office processes customized and optimized to serve your customers and your brand.