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Retail in the Box


Mobile shopping, social shopping and social commerce are changing the landscape of online business. UST Global offers Retail in a Box services where we implement and manage an online retail store and back office processes customized and optimized to serve your customers and your brand.

This set of services covers store-front, merchant and customer services with specialized focus on planning and design, development and deployment, testing and certification, and support services – from both a systems and business perspective. We also work with merchandizing and marketing teams to implement an adaptive solution that integrates multiple channels – your retail store, your online store with the social networks.


Based on a comprehensive ecosystem, we offer a packaged core set of business and technology services, with an established set of commerce designs, pre-defined sets of implementation, and established sets of technology stacks. Our services are backed by a world-class cloud partner and our own global team of experts, well-versed in executing eCommerce solutions for numerous retail and wholesale clients.

We use agile, model-driven development methodologies to architect your online store, back office management and fulfillment processes. Our reference model incorporates all key areas of eCommerce as well as industry trends in business and technology. We take a multi-channel approach that provides seamless integration between online channels as it adapts and integrates your brand.


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Why UST Global Retail in a Box

  • Ecosystem offers full services from planning and development to managing the store.
  • Ready to use solutions based on industry and consumer trends offer competitive advantage.
  • Faster time to market with a well-defined reference model covering inception to deployment.
  • Managed services to run and maintain systems.
  • Business process services to manage the online store and back office.
  • Lower costs through infrastructure and environment, such as scalable platforms tuned to on-season/off-season demands.