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S+CC Services

UST Global's new Trivandrum Campus would be adopting Smart+Connected Communities Services which has the following features:

  • Energy Management - Office Resource Management is a smart service which makes it possible for Facility managers to optimize the Energy utilization in office areas.
  • Asset Management - Asset tracking using RFID.
  • Enhanced Safety & Security - Emergency Response Management enacts the immediate display of emergency information (evacuation plans, severe weather announcements, City/State/ Country Emergencies) to employees using the digital display media system.
  • Connected Health Care - HealthPresence is a technology enabled solution that creates a unique patient-to-doctor connection over the IP enabled network.
  • Connected Transportation - Automatic vehicle tracking solution improves Customer Service, Emergency Response, Security, Increases Productivity & Reduces Cost.

Connected Sports & Entertainment

  • Connected Sports enables use of Collaboration, Communication and Information Technology services to enhance the sports viewing experience for fans.
  • Connected Entertainment framework makes it possible to leverage the centralized entertainment (Audio-Video) system in a campus and use the same platform for various purposes.
  • Connected Education - Provides a Virtual Classroom environment to students with Live/Recorded Sessions from subject matter experts.
  • Personal Virtual Office (PVO) - PVO is a next generation of Cisco Virtual Office that combines personalized collaboration and automation applications over the IP network. The idea is to better utilize the office real estate by making the virtual office an attractive option for remote and/or telecommuting employees.
  • Connected Maintenance portal, aids the facility management team to monitor and control the different sub-systems in the building from a single UI and have the flexibility of defining policies spanning multiple sub-systems including alarm systems.