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Building Smarter Cities

As the world’s population moves into urban areas, additional pressure is being placed on city leaders to deliver better services. Leaders are innovating to meet the increasing needs and expectations of their citizens, commercial businesses and public institutions. With each city facing a unique set of challenges and priorities, the need to innovate is critical in order to streamline service delivery, optimize scarce resources, manage costs and deliver improved outcomes.

Citizens are looking to their cities to evolve and adapt to the changing environment around them and provide them with support and opportunities. As demands grow and budgets tighten, city leaders have to be smarter and provide services that address the city as a whole. Smarter cities can drive sustainable economic growth and provide a better quality of life. Their leaders will have the tools to coordinate and analyze data for better decisions, anticipate problems to resolve them proactively and coordinate resources and processes to operate more effectively.

Working with our partners such as IBM and Infor, UST Global has solutions available today that can transform and improve any functional area of the city.

Why UST Global for Smarter Cities?

  • We are a premier IBM business partner with a dedicated IBM Smarter Cities practice
  • We have one of the largest Certified and Trained IBM Smarter Cities Consulting teams
  • We deliver proven solutions and approaches for every project, thereby reducing implementation risks and ensuring delivery of a complete project.
  • Our business has been built around ‘Client Intimacy’ and a business philosophy of “fewer CLIENTS more ATTENTION”
  • We have a 14+ year history of delivering peak performance to our clients by offering a full range of project management and systems integration tailored to the unique needs of each industry.
  • We are a leader in effectively bringing innovation to our client engagements.
  • Clients continually rate us ahead of others in attributes such as Speed of Response, Flexibility, Creativity and Innovation, Commitment-Beyond-Contract, and Investment in Clients.