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Custom Application Development


Application developers are no longer being thought of simply as order takers on the receiving end of requests. They are becoming full-fledged strategic partners and permanent value enablers with vested interest in the success of the business.

UST Global provides Custom Application Development services to help you make this transformation. We have formulated structured methodologies around our capabilities in application development to define and deliver these custom services. Our methodologies provide service improvements while reducing development costs, and also enable business transformation through structured business-centric innovations.


Our approach to Application Development is based on a process framework called ABuild®. This framework is built on better practices from industry process standards, including CMMi, ISO, and ITIL. It also incorporates our own wealth of experience in developing applications for Global 2000 customers.

Our Application Development methodology follows a risk mitigated and phased-based approach to define, plan, transition, and deliver services. Each phase starts with well-defined objectives and acceptance criteria and doesn’t end until customer signoff.

We support varied development models, including Waterfall, Iterative, and Scrum, across all disciplines; technology guidance across applications developed on multiple platforms, such as Java, Microsoft, and Mobile; and better practices for integration, Service Oriented Architecture, and Cloud based development.

Why UST Global for Custom Application Development

UST Global provides cost-effective yet high quality services, and delivers the benefits of:


  • Institutionalized mature software engineering processes based on predictable and repeatable performance in projects.

  • Formal defect prevention process that helps minimize common defects in software.

  • Delivery Excellence (DE) group that oversees delivery across all verticals and is dedicated to monitoring and streamlining operations for efficiency while maintaining effectiveness.

  • Automated tools and processes for time tracking and project management that facilitate metrics-based management and cost control.

  • Center of Excellence that works in tandem with DE to define and refine processes and provide technical guidance.