Data Intelligence Development


At UST Global, we share a renewed focus with our clients, one that is determined to make sense of the unprecedented massive amounts of data available today – and to use that information to help businesses better understand their customers, their operations, and the world where they meet.
Companies who are first to gain new insights from this data will have a strong competitive advantage. And those who mine new sources of data, such as social media and mobile devices, will take the lead by finding meaningful correlations and data visualizations that can help them better serve their customers and cater to their needs.
With our Data Intelligence Development services, UST Global is committed to providing world class Business Intelligence for our clients. We enable decision makers to derive sustainable value from their critical business data by converting that data into actionable information.
We combine extensive industry knowledge with in-depth technical expertise to address all aspects of your reporting needs—whether transactional or analytical in nature—including implementation and strategic planning, deployment, and production support.


Business strategies determine Business Intelligence (BI) strategies. A clear picture of your business concepts will help you map them into an appropriate information strategy. Our approach to BI involves a detailed exploration to find the best method to support your Return on Investment (ROI) metrics and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) assumptions.
We work collaboratively with our clients to identify the methodology that best suits business objectives and to build an enterprise information environment, culminating in a complete BI strategy definition. Through solution-agnostic engagements, we work in concert with our clients to evolve a custom solution, rather than providing preconceived ones. We develop BI strategies and solutions specific to your business – keeping in mind both your present and future data management requirements.

Why UST Global for Data Intelligence Development

  • Translate data into action: key decision makers gain ready access to the information they need, allowing them to make proactive and timely business decisions.

  • Gain added insight from new sources of data, such as social media and mobile devices.

  • Customized solutions, tailored to meet the unique requirements of your business.

  • Deep industry expertise and years of experience on large enterprise BI engagements.

  • Experts in the field, with best practice development by senior leadership.

  • Cost-effective and proven engagement model that is client-centric and fully integrated.

  • Reduced TCO and cost savings without compromising on quality.