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i-Safe for common man

“iSafe” is an application conceived and developed by “The Apple Tree”, the innovation center at UST Global. The application was presented at the Hi-Tech cell of the Kerala Police. The Police officials were delighted to see the demo and have promised to take it forward.

 i-Safe is an application for use when someone is in a panic situation and needs to seek help from their relatives, friends, or even the police. In a panic situation, the application can be opened with the press of a button. In the background, the application retrieves the user’s current location and sends a message to predefined recipients. Once the user moves from one location to another, the application automatically sends updated messages with the new location to the recipients, allowing them to track the changing locations of the user.


Mobile Solution


UST’s Mobile Computing Services organization offers a comprehensive suite of services to meet the mobile computing needs of clients by leveraging our world-class advisory, delivery and support capabilities. Among our Mobile Solution service offerings in this area are: mobile service strategy, design and development; mobile testing and QA; mobile service administration and help desk/technical support; and application and infrastructure management.
Our penchant for building partnerships extends to our Mobile Solution services. This better enables us to offer a complete spectrum of services and become your one-stop for Mobile solutions.


We design our mobile solutions on a common application framework built for various mobile platforms. We make use of a componentized architecture model, wiring together pre-built reusable components rather than building every application from scratch. This model enables us to deliver applications in shorter timeframes with lower costs.
Our mobile innovation lab has a full range of service offerings for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows 7 Mobile, and custom handhelds based on Win CE. Our mobility solutions support Web applications rendered onto these smart device browsers; cross-platform applications built using HTML5, Phone Gap, Titanium and others; and native application architectures making use of local storage and processor capabilities.

Why UST Global Mobile Solution

  • Global Center of Excellence for Mobile Computing provides a common framework and network for managing and developing mobile computing knowledge assets and tools.

  • Award winning mobile applications, including awards for R&D and innovation.

  • Rapid submittal and deployment process for iPhone applications, drastically reducing cycle time and increasing speed to market.

  • Fastest acceptance of mobile apps by Apple (48 hours vs. two weeks).

  • Ability to leverage mobile partnerships (e.g., Android/Meego platform development for a major chip manufacturer), and to build new ones, such as Apperian for packaging and deployment.

  • Customized boot camp training and certification programs for iOS and Android application developers provide quick resource ramp-ups.