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Utilities and Energy Sector

The Utilities and Energy market is experiencing fast-paced operational and technological changes. Agility is required to meet evolving customer demands, achieve higher service levels, and ensure profitability. With ever-mounting pressure to enhance efficiency on technological, fiscal, and operational fronts, aging systems built on rigid, legacy architectures must evolve to ensure alignment with business objectives and to integrate with new technologies. But the high costs involved in these endeavors and the lack of internal technical expertise are huge challenges that many IT organizations face.

UST Global has a diverse portfolio of services and an experienced pool of technical resources to address these issues. We have experience designing and implementing new technologies to support mission-critical operational areas of energy transmission and distribution. We transform legacy environments so that they can respond quickly to market dynamics. We utilize our proprietary methodologies and technology partnerships to preserve legacy investments while building new, cost-effective solutions. Our client-centric Global Engagement Model combines the expertise of senior local resources with the cost, scale, and quality advantages of offsite operations. All engagements ensure that our clients have full visibility into all aspects of our projects and we foster collaboration to build enduring solutions and foster strategic relationships.